Bull Gears Made to Last

As a major supplier of traction gearing for freight and commuter rail applications, Penn Locomotive Gear (PLG) manufactures a full range of replacement locomotive traction gears for leading OEMs worldwide, including GE, EMD and ALCO. Penn Locomotive gears are manufactured from alloy steel and are carburized and hardened to provide exceptional wear properties. We also finish-grind all gears to an AGMA minimum quality level of 10.

Key advantages of our traction gears include:

  • Up to 60% Longer Wear Life
  • Extended Time Between Re-Profiling
  • Reduced Vibration Due to Involute Wear
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • 5-Year Warranty

To accelerate turnaround time, we have more than 100 employees working in more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space at our facilities in Johnstown, PA, and Blairsville, PA, and stock an extensive inventory of forgings.

For specifics on how our bull gears can be used in your particular freight or commuter rail application, tell us about your requirements.