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Besides manufacturing an array of wheels, axles, gears, pinions and related components, we rebuild gearbox units with quality replacement parts that help transit authorities maintain their fleets cost-effectively. In fact, we make a full range of replacement locomotive traction gears for leading OEMs worldwide, including GE, EMD and ALCO.

The types of units we re-build with our gearbox repair kits include:

  • Single Reduction
  • Double Reduction

We also mount or assemble these components to truck frames used in mass transit, commuter and applications:

  • Wheelsets
  • Traction Motors
  • Brake Equipment
  • Suspension Parts

Rubber Parts

As a major supplier of quality LORD rubber components to the rail transit market, we help transit authorities, as well as customers in the industrial and mining sectors:

  • Manage Motion
  • Minimize Noise
  • Reduce Vibration & Shock

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Heat Treatment

By providing heat treatment services in-house, we’re able to meet your process requirements for sub-critical quenched axles quickly and efficiently. Our heat treatment operations allow us to optimize the integrity and relieve internal stresses of the wheels, gears and axles we produce.

Because we have multiple large-capacity carburizing and tempering furnaces, our heat treating equipment can handle parts up to 72” in diameter and up to 6,000 lbs. (3 tons).

To ensure accurate carbon content and case depth in carburized parts, our state-of-the-art electric and gas-fired furnaces are controlled by oxygen probes. By offering a full range of carburizing, spin hardening and through hardening heat treating services within our facilities, we control the production process from start to finish, guaranteeing quality products and quick turnaround times.

Gear Re-Profiling

We specialize in the restoration of traction (bull) gears. Our Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding procedure restores the proper involute tooth form for proper gear contact. By removing minimal stock to restore the profile, the restored surface has sufficient hardness and case depth to extend gear life. Typically, we grind in increments of 0.015”, or approximately 3% of tooth thickness.

As a general rule, we recommend re-profiling gear teeth to industry standards when wear exceeds 0.010” of tooth profile. Our re-profiled gears come with 12-month warranties on the profiles only.

Tell us about your specific parts & service requirements so we can help you meet them.